Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Painless Steps to Creating Abundance and Prosperity Using the Law of Attraction

There are three easy and painless steps to creating a new financial future and the abundance you and your family honestly deserve and deep down inside you know it's there somewhere just wait to discover something so honest and ethical it can't help but to help you prosper! If that describes your feelings then read on this article was meant for you to read, you didn't land here by accident.

The first step is to completely ignore your friends and family when it comes to your financial choices, listening to some one who knows absolutely not one thing about internet marketing is far from a good choice to ask about getting into the hottest new MLM or Online Business. Their opinion is completely worthless yet we ask any way!

What we end up getting is bad advice and we then make bad choices based on the wrong or misinformed advice. It the author of this article listened to everyone who said internet business opportunities are scams, he would be broke as a joke. Instead I believed and found a community of people who I believed in and now when they need to borrow money who do you think they ask?

The second step is preparing mentally for success. The truth is the road to success is always, and I mean always, under serious construction. You have to be more focused and have more patience than a Saint. There will be trials and tribulations along the way. That is where your law of attraction skills will come in handy and they honestly improve you health wealth and happiness as well. The reason why people are successful is mainly three reasons actually:

1. They never ever give up they keep on doing what it takes to be successful!

2. The believe they will be successful so they do not give up and achieve the success they desire!

3. Successful People Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is And Use Money As Leverage to achieve the desired level of financial security and abundance.

The third step is taking a small step each day in a positive direction to bring you closer and closer to your financial state of bliss, I will lay out ten steps you should take to get started on the path.

1. Create A Large Vision Board With Your Goals And Dreams On It

2. Think About The Ideal Way For You To Increase Cash Flow And Start Researching things.

3. Make a gratitude list of all the things you do have that you should be grateful for, a roof over your head, your computer, pets, loved ones, many 3rd world countries consider the poorest homeless American to have more money and personal property than them

4. Have an attitude of gratitude every single day recite that list and be truly grateful for what you have now. Start it in the shower and get out refreshed and ready to receive abundance.

5. Start to take note of how the universe responds. You will receive small subtle signals. I find it very gratifying to find them and see what the message was later when you put it all together. For example, your in Florida and you see a California license plate. It will happen in a way that it is easy and enough to remember the incident later. Then you Aunt calls and says they bought your whole family tickets to come to California for some special event, the law of attraction works like that for me anyway...

6. Write down your goals, start small with easy attainable goals like clean up yard, or the pool. Then add some moderate goals as well. As you accomplish small ones it is fun to cross them off the honey do list as well!

7. Keep your house energy working for you. Avoid clutter, it is distracting and can cause a serious loss of time and energy. Protect your wealth area with all the attributes needed by feng shui. This will help improve many aspects of your wealth, health and happiness. Find a proper feng shui guide and pay the small fee it could be worth thousands in the long run.

8. Take ten minutes every day at the end of the night to meditate and clear your mind. A clear mind will be more receptive to abundance and the financial security you desire.

9. Take time everyday to love on your family, and animals. They will help you feel the love and gratitude needed to achieve the level of success your desire!

10. Believe, take action, achieve!

Take these words of wisdom to heart they have changed many lives and mine included. I am grateful that you read the whole article and I believe that it can really change your life for the better, if you are consistent with it's implementation!

by Randy N.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scarcity Vs Abundance

There are two schools of thought about money. One is that we need to protect our money, save it for a rainy day, because there is a limited amount of it. In other words, money is scarce. Opportunities are also scarce, so we need to protect the opportunities we have, keep them to ourselves, and never share. This is the theory of scarcity. Since there is only so much to go around, we better protect what we have and keep it to ourselves.

The other school of thought is that there is a never-ending supply of money and of opportunities. Rather than save our money, we should invest it. Rather than keep opportunities to ourselves, we should share them with others. And if one opportunity passes us by, there will be another opportunity coming right after it.

There is a great parable in the Bible about these two theories. It is called the parable of the talents. A talent, of course, was a denomination of money in Biblical times. A master was going away on a trip and he needed someone to take care of his money while he was away. He decided to split it up among three money managers. To the first, he gave one talent. To the second, he gave two talents. And to the third, he gave five talents.

When he returned from his trip he asked the money managers to give an accounting of the money. The manager who had the five talents told the master that he had wisely invested the funds and there were now ten talents. The manager who had two talents had done similarly and had turned the two talents into four. But the manager who had one talent did something different. Rather than invest it, he buried it in the ground. He knew the master would be unhappy if he lost the money and so instead of investing it, he saved it.

The master was most unhappy with this manager and called him a wicked and slothful servant. He took the talent from that manager and gave it to the manager who had the ten talents. Then he said something very interesting. He said, "For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken awa even that which he hath."
There are many things to be learned from this parable, but the one I would focus on today is that when we think in terms of abundance, we will always have more. And when we think in terms of scarcity, whatever we have we will lose.

Some of you are saying now, "Well, I never think in terms of scarcity. I always want to invest." But I believe that most of us, while wanting to think abundantly, frequently think in terms of scarcity. I know I have to continually remind myself to think in terms of abundance. After all, my parents grew up during the Great Depression, a time when scarcity ruled the world.

Let me give you and example of scarcity thinking that I encounter frequently, and find myself doing at times. This is example is what I call "Shopping for the Best Price." This happens when we in a store or talking to a service provider (e.g., an attorney or accountant) and we focus on the cost of the service or the item. That is an example of a scarcity mentality. 

A person thinking from an abundance point of view instead would be focusing on the value of the item or the service. "How can this item or service improve my life?" Is the cost fair compared to the value? This is different than focusing solely on the cost...

by Thomas Wheelwright

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Attracting Abundance - 7 Characteristics of Top Achievers

Attracting abundance is probably a dream most people share and yet few seem to master the art.

How do top achievers manage their energy? What kind of thoughts do they fill their head with? What are they focusing upon? What kind of beliefs do they have? How do they make choices?

Here is a short list of the most important characteristics of how top achievers are attracting abundance:
  1. Top achievers are optimists. They focus on the bright side of everything. They chose to believe that things tend to work out well. They do not let fear influence what and how they chose, nor their focus.
  2. Top achievers envision what they want, set goals and take positive steps to make their dreams come true. They firmly believe that as long as they do their best to get what they want, things will work out just fine.
  3. They are thoughtful, loving, kind and straightforward with everyone. They chose to think positively about other people and resist passing on negative judgments on someone - included themselves.
  4. Frustrations are dealt with positively, not dwelled upon. Top achievers take frustrations as challenges that help them to grow and move forward.
  5. Successful people enjoy and live within the present moment. Neither do they dwell upon the past, nor throwing away too much of their valuable time just dreaming about the future.
  6. They listen to their heart and their own motivation and follow this, rather than some limiting, conceptual beliefs about how things should be. They chose to trust their gut feeling.
  7. Top achievers take full responsibility of their own actions. They ask for help from others when they realize they have more knowledge and experience than themselves, but when it comes to making choices they take the full responsibility no matter the outcome. They have realized that blaming others will not bring them closer to what they want.
Maybe you think this is too simple to be true, that there has to be a hidden secret somewhere. The fact is that the principles of attracting abundance are simple. It is we human beings that complicate things. You may have heard that simplicity is the best? Well, it's true. Make it simple and so it will be. 

However, when coming from a negative programming of your mind it may be a challenge to reprogram it. It is a challenge well worth dealing with if creating abundance sounds intriguing to you and you decide to become one of the top achievers.

by Aase Koppergaard

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Law of Attraction - How Thought Waves Can Create Abundance and Healing Power

You can transmit actual thought waves that can create abundance and healing power. Most people don't understand this, but most people don't have any idea how their cell phone or TV transmits energy either, and yet everyone knows it's so. You can feel thought vibrations emanating from extraordinarily happy people or from very negative people. You can take Kirlian photos of energy fields created by dominant thoughts, and you can see the differences between various thought vibrations in these photos.

The Quality of the Energy You Send and Receive Affects Your Life

Science often corroborates what mystics and seers have understood for years - that you are an actual sender and receiver of energy, frequency, or vibration, and the quality of the energy you send and receive affects your life in powerful ways. A number of people have read about the Law of Attraction, and everyone is using it every minute of every day. The trick is to use it with awareness so you can attract and send out energies of the most positive and life-affirming kinds. 

If you are aware of this sending and receiving talent that you're born with, you can attract more income, more harmonious relationships, better health, and much more happiness. You need to become aware of the quality of the thoughts you're thinking and how you're using the gifts of thought transmission that you're given as your birthright.

What are Your Dominant Thoughts?

Do you have any particular repetitive thoughts that you know are bringing you less-than-stellar results? Are you thinking about being a great success - or just the opposite? Are you thinking about all the blessings you have in your life - or what you don't have? Are you thinking about the good qualities of your mate - or about what's wrong? Are you concentrating on the contributions you might make to your own life, the lives of others, and the world - or are you thinking that you might not have anything to offer? If you take a good look at the thoughts you're sending out and transmitting, would you actually feel good about them? See if you can shift them so that you actually feel uplifted by the quality of the thoughts in your mind.

Creating Empowerment

Now that would be a most wonderful thing to do! Becoming aware in this way creates empowerment in you. You're not at the effect of the notion of some whim or force that's controlling you, but you actually have some measure of personal power in shaping your life!

by Marilyn B. Gordon

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Attracting Abundance With A Few Simple Logical Steps

Most people think that the idea of attracting abundance with your conscious and subconscious minds is phony, won't work, and not actually able to bring about prosperity into reality.
However, with just a few simple, logical steps, you can begin creating abundance and achieve greater success in many areas of your life using this long-standing method.

For hundreds of years, people have used the powerful concept of positive affirmation to first change their thinking habits and then their daily actions. By doing so, people have increased their health, their level of energy, their financial success, and overall happiness.

If you are ready for a little inspiration in your life, now is the time that you can learn for yourself your own personal source of inspiration to get what you want in your life.

The first key to attracting abundance and prosperity is to be aware of what you think about. Your words are formed from thoughts and feelings. This is where the first change in your life can begin.

When your thoughts are constantly focusing on not having enough, you will never attract abundance. If the runner of a race tells himself he failed to train long enough, that he is so tired and should just give up, his physical body and surroundings will comply with his subconscious wishes. If he pushes himself and thinks encouraging thoughts to himself, how do you think the outcome will differ?

In relation to step one, you must dispose of all your un-motivational beliefs that you live with. You have now recognized your lack, toss those thoughts into a mental garbage can, and never open the lid again!

This essential imperative step to attracting abundance is a difficult one for some people to master, particularly for each of those who have naturally negative thoughts and attitudes. Ask for the universe to focus the thoughts of your conscious (and subconscious) mind toward abundant thinking and not what you lack.

If you create a consistently positive emotional outlook on life, this belief will transformed into the existence of money, new loving relationships, and other forms of successful manifestations that you can adopt a new gratitude for.

The final step is to be grateful. This is a very important part of attracting abundance. Even if you have not yet seen everything manifest itself to you, pay attention to what blessings you already have.

The secret to attracting abundance and manifesting more wealth and other successes is not to beg and plead for more but to be happy with everything you have and think positively about what you can attract with your new new-found attitudes and habits.

Do you want to attract abundance and wealth into your life? Then you must master your mindset and learn how to harness the astonishing power of thought and become who you really are. 

by Ralph J. Anderson, Jr.

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Secret of Attracting Abundance - How to Unlock It

Why is it that some people seem to get everything they want, being successful in their personal, professional and financial life while others are struggling day by day, never being able to make ends meet and live a life of struggle?

Is it that some people are favored by God or just luckier than others? If this is what you have been taught to believe, you have been told a lie. Not only is this lie founded on ignorance of how the laws of the universe work, but this erroneous concept has shaped your life with a handicap right from the beginning and it has kept your success at bay.

What you need is to learn and understand the secret of attracting abundance and how to unlock it!

Everything in the universe is energy. We, as humans, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions are all energy and the law of the universe says that what we send out is what we get back in return.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of energy am I sending out there? Is it a positive energy or a negative one? This is the first secret of attracting abundance and how to unlock it.

If you throw a ball against a wall it will come back to you at the same energy level that you threw it with. If you've thrown the ball with force it will bounce back to you with the same force. If you've thrown the ball against the wall with very little force (very little energy) it will get back to you with the same little force. The ball will get back to you with the exact same energy you have thrown it with.

This happens because the ball that you are sending against the wall and the force you are using to throw it are following the laws of the universe. The energy of every living thing and non-living thing in the universe is ruled by energy, which behaves according to its laws.

It is up to you to use this knowledge and the energy that you send out to bring more abundance into your life. Easier said than done you might say? That is true; if you don't know how. The missing link between you and the abundance that you wish to attract is knowledge and how to apply this knowledge the right way.

by Sophie Tony

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Manifesting Abundance - 3 Easy Tips on How to Remove Doubt When Using the Law of Attraction

When you're using the Law of Attraction, doubt is by far the biggest culprit as to why you're not successfully manifesting abundance. It is the equivalent of weeds in your garden, or pouring salt in your soil where you plant seeds, because it prevents the likelihood of any desire taking form.

Here are three easy tips to eliminate any doubt once and for all:

1) Stop focusing on the "how".
Anytime you're using the laws of reality creation for manifesting abundance, asking yourself "how" things are going to come into fruition, you will IMMEDIATELY get into your logical mind where you start questioning how possible your desires are, which induces doubt.

Always focus on the what, NEVER the "how".

2) Never resist the feeling of doubt
What happens when you get the feeling of fear or doubt that your desires will never come into fruition? You try and make it go away. When this happens, it just makes the feeling stronger and causes it to linger. Whatever you resist persists. Rather, when the feeling of doubt arises, breath deeply, feel the feeling in your body, and allow it to go through you without judging it.

When you do this, the feeling will soon pass.

3) Focus on "having" instead of "wanting"
When you're focused on "wanting" something, you're leaving the door open to fear of not ever getting it, which produces doubt of whether you're going to manifest it or not. However, if you are able to focus on what it'll feel like to already have it, you're eliminating any possibility of doubt, because your mind can't tell the difference between something "real" and something vividly imagined.

Thus, by accepting the feeling of already manifesting abundance, you're leaving no room for doubt.

Speaking of which, were you aware that there are factors OTHER than doubt that can TOTALLY screw up your chances of manifesting abundance just as much as doubt can?

One of these factors is ignorance.

You see, most people don't understand the WHOLE picture of reality creation and think that it's only about the Law of Attraction. 

This tidbit of misinformation that is spread around by many so called Law of Attraction 'gurus" has caused many people to fail at creating the reality they desire.

If you're one of them, take heart, I too was once lost, and there's nothing wrong with me or you, it's only that we weren't given enough information to successfully create our own realities.

by Ike Love

Note from Benjamin: Once you start attracting abundance to your life, the flow strengthens as you progress and draws further abundance to you. Creating abundance in the mind and emotions is the first step to achieving the results you desire and deserve, so begin the mental process now and unlock your abundance today!